A collection of my personal projects. All handcrafted with love, made with only the finest, most artisanal of bugs.


Cozy Clues

Cozy Clues is a website that creates scavanger hunts for kids at home. Parents can choose different locations and puzzles to include, then print out the final scavanger hunt.


A JS/TS roguelike library. Includes utilities for HTML ASCII canvas/tilesets and GUI widgets, mouse and keyboard input, pathfinding, fov/line of sight, map generation, and random number generation.

Mal - A 7 Day Roguelike (7DRL) Challenge

A small game built in 7 days for the yearly 7DRL challenge. The game used the Malwoden game engine I created earlier that year.

Malwoden Tutorial

An eleven part tutorial covering the Malwoden roguelike library, walking through the basics of roguelike map generation, player movement, combat, and inventory.


Cacti Chess

A UCI compatible hobby chess engine, capable at playing ~1200 ELO. Created to learn golang.



A small CLI allowing for schema discovery of undocumented terraform providers.



A small android game made during the 2048 craze.