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The Role of Architects in the Third Millennium

2024-06-07 - Design

Thoughts from Christopher Alexander's Nature of Order II

Principles of Humanistic Management

2024-02-01 - Design

AI will figure it all out for us.

Bullet Journaling

2024-01-08 - Design

Work with the Garage Door Up.

Featured Projects

Cozy Clues

Cozy Clues is a website that creates scavanger hunts for kids at home. Parents can choose different locations and puzzles to include, then print out the final scavanger hunt.


A JS/TS roguelike library. Includes utilities for HTML ASCII canvas/tilesets and GUI widgets, mouse and keyboard input, pathfinding, fov/line of sight, map generation, and random number generation.

Cacti Chess

A UCI compatible hobby chess engine, capable at playing ~1200 ELO. Created to learn golang.